What’s Palmchat?
Palmchat is a cross-platform multi-media messenger that you can connect with friends across all platforms, and make new friends via various ways. Anytime, anywhere, anyone, chat any way you want!
What can I do with Palmchat?
You can immediately contact your friend with Palmchat and meet various new friends on Palmchat.
Is Palmchat free?
It's free to download, install and use Palmchat. However, you may need to pay your carrier for internet service.
How to download Palmchat?
Go to palmchat. im on your browser.
Which platforms does Palmchat support?
You can connect with friends across all platforms. Palmchat already has Android, MTK and Java clients. Blackberry & iPhone will be available upon the launch of the next version. All users can access the web version also via mobile or PC.
How to register?
You can sign up with your phone number.
How can I add my friends in my Palmchat contact?
Phonebook contact will sync to Palmchat friends. And you can search for friends via their ID and add in your contact.
How can I meet new friends?
Go to "Social" page and get new friends by "Look Around", "Search Palmchat", "Shake Shake" and "Sort by City", "Sort by Interest".
How to use "Look Around"?
Select "Social" -> "Look Around" to find people using Palmchat with Look Around enabled nearby. Choose one and "Send Greeting" to make friends.
How to use "Shake Shake"?
Select "Social" -> "Shake Shake". Shake your phone to find people shaking their phones as well. Choose someone from people found and send greeting to make friends.
Look Around needs to access your location data. Please make sure you have both enabled Location Services from your iPhone’s Settings menu and that Palmchat has been granted permission in the Location Services sub-menu.
How to send voice message?
Hold "Hold to Talk" to start recording a message. Release the button to send.
How to send Emoticon?
Select the smiley button in the chat window. Enhance your chats with a huge selection of emoticons.
Is there any region restriction for voice messages?
No. You can chat with friends anywhere.
How to delete message history?
You can delete a single message or the entire conversation. For touch-screen mobile, just tap and hold the message or swip to the left on the chat. For keyboard mobile, please select Options -> Delete.
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